Monday, December 5, 2011

Want this, get that - Sparkle for every budget

So, I love shows / articles / things where professionals show you how to get a look you want 2 ways - one super expensive, and one more budget conscious. 

I'm getting into the High-Low project on HGTV (click here).  Designer Sabrina Soto shows people a super-high-end room design, then re-creates it on the homeowners' actual budget. 

The other day I was picking up a few things at Target, and saw a display in the handbag section of these beautiful sequin purses that were extremely budget friendly.  I knew I'd seen similar bags elsewhere.

I also spied some super cute glitter flats that looked strikingly similar to my Stuart Weitzman flats at a substantially lower cost.

This got me thinking - I know there are similar sparkles that fit into just about anyone's budget...

So, here we are - I've found a bunch of sparkly things that I love and one or two alternatives that won't break the bank.

To the left is a beautiful Michael Kors black sequin bag.  Price tag $368.

If that doesn't meet your budget, how about this similar bag from Target on the right?  Price tag $24.99.

If black isn't what you're looking for, they both come in gold / blush as well.

The Michael Kors version is to the left.  Price tag $368

The Target version is to the right.  Price tag $24.99

How about a super cute cross-body bag?

On the right is a gun-metal gray sequin cross-body from Coach (Occasion sequin flap crossbody).  Price tag $198.

On the left is a similar cross-body bag from Target.  This one comes in gold as well.  Price tag for each? $16.99.

Interested in some sparkly flats?

On the right are some stunners from Stuart Weitzman.  Price tag $275.  I have these in silver and absolutely LOVE them.

Need a pair that is a little friendlier to your pocketbook?  Try these on the left from Target.  Price tag $19.99.

How about a sparkly little jacket?

This stunner on the left is from Anthropologie.  Price Tag $138.

This cutie on the right is from Urban Outfitters.  Price Tag $89.

The little bomber jacket below is also from Urban Outfitters.  $89.

In the market for a long-sleeve sparkly top?  

The one on the left is from Rachel Zoe.  Price tag $350.

The one on the right is from J.Crew.  Price tag $69.50.

Mad for sequin hot shorts?  Here are 3 sparklies that might suit your fancy.

On the left is a lovely pair by Halston Heritage.  Price tag $260.  On the right is another pair by Express.  Price tag $59.50  And, below is a pair by Urban Outfitters.  Price tag $138.

What about a stunning sparkly top?  Here are three that I'm loving.

First, on the left, a striped T from J.Crew.  Price tag a whopping $499.99 (and that's the sale price - yikes!). 

I found two significantly less priced alternatives.  On the right, from Express, price tag $49.90.

And below, from Old Navy, price tag $34.94.  Old Navy has some diamonds in the ruff - this is one of them.  Beware though, this top is sheer - you'll need to wear something underneath.
And, here are three similar white-ish sparsely sequined tops that I like.  First, on the left, from Anthropologie.  Price tag $158. Also comes in a lovely green.
Second, on the right, a tank from Gap.  Price tag $54.95 (also comes in black).

And, lastly, below, a top from Urban Outfitters.  Price tag $69.  This one also comes in navy.

Want a silver sparkly scarf?

On the left is from Anthropologie - $188.

On the right is from Express - $34.90.
How about a wristlet / clutch?

On the right is from Kohls - $41.30 on sale now.

On the left is from Coach - $78. (Poppy sequins small wristlet).

There are lots and lots of lovely items out there that fall well within anyone's budget.  Just try doing a search for "sequin" or "glitter" on your favorite sites and see what comes up.

Here are the search results for "sequin" on a few sites that I frequent, and some new ones introduced to me by my sister:
There's never a shortage of sequin out there!!!
Keep on sparkling!

Until next time...

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