Sunday, May 15, 2016

Animals, Animals everywhere!

So, clearly I am obsessed with animal stuff...  A few weeks ago, the husband and I were looking for a mother's day present for his mom, and I happened upon these serving plates at West Elm.

Neither of these was appropriate for his mom, but the flamingo was perfect for his dad - so we got him an early father's day gift.  We did find something for his mom there, but had to order it, as it wasn't available in-store.

And, when buying gifts, it's always appropriate to get a gift for yourself!  We got the giraffe plate for us (ok, more for me).  But for "us" nonetheless.

Thanks West Elm for keeping up with the Dapper Animal series - I love it!

one for the father-in-law and one for us!
In need of some art for your walls?  Check out these dapper animal prints.  I can't wait (and am keeping fingers crossed) that the zebra and rhino make their way onto plates.