Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adventures in Nail Polish - Part 1

So, it is pretty obvious that I'm addicted to sparkles.  I'm also addicted to manicures / pedicures.  They are a little luxury I enjoy once per month - what is better than a warm soak, a comfy chair, reading a frivolous magazine, and having someone make your feet and fingers look luscious?

I've recently had a few color combinations that I'm still crazy about.

For my sister's wedding in June, I got a gel mani (gelish brand) with Gossip Girl with Emerald Dust silver sparkles over.  LOVE!  Super cute hot pink with sparkles.  Wish I could have that every day.

For my birthday this year, I got another gelish gel mani with only June Bride on it - no solid color under.  It looked like layers upon layers (actually 2 coats) of very light peachy-pink with golden sparkles.  Absolutely am in love with this color.  Wish I could have this every other day.

My toes for my birthday got 2 coats of OPI Russian Navy with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Rockstar Pink on top.

Sally Hansen has a ton of really fun colors that don't break the bank.  Check them out here.  I found a blog that has swatches of most of the Sally Hansen XTreme Wear colors - check them out here.

Most recently, continuing on my sparkle kick, I got on my toes OPI Lucerne-tainly-Look-Marvelous underneath OPI Crown me Already.  Silver upon silver - love love love!

What kind of colors are you sporting?

Until next month...  Wonder what color I will get then...

Keep shining!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Incomplete Sparkles - major pet peeve

So, I have to say I'm a lover, not a hater.  I generally look for the silver lining, rather than the doomsday.  I like the positive, not the negative.  I don't watch some reality TV shows purposely because I can't stand watching people get cut down by the "judges."

I love sparkles - duh.  I don't love incomplete sparkles.

What do I mean by this?  Incomplete sparkles are like a mullet - looks one way from the front, and awful from the back.  I mean, what is worse than a beautiful sparkly, ruffled, patterned, etc. blouse, skirt, dress, etc. whose embellishment doesn't continue onto the back?  It's like a mullet.  Or socks with sandals.  Or visible panty line.  Just plain wrong.

I've heard arguments that it is a cost thing - too cost prohibitive to continue things on the backside.  I don't buy it (in belief or in purchase).

A few items to illustrate my point...

A cute sparkly argyle cardigan from Asos - $115.

But all wrong.  Especially the sleeves - they continue all the way around, but the sparkly pattern on the bodice does not.

A cute black sparkly T from Asos - $65.

Looks great from the front.

But all wrong from the back.  A plain, non-special black T.

A cute black cardi from Banana Republic - $98.

Granted the name of this item is "sequin front cardigan."

Why can't it just be "sequin cardigan"?

An uninteresting, un-whelming view from the back...

A striped tank from Banana - on sale for $59.99 (down from $79.50).

Love the tone on tone stripes of sequin.  A great layering piece, or all on it's own.

Utterly unremarkable (and disappointing) from the back.

Super cute tank from Gap - $69.95.

Love the paillettes and the chiffon straps and under-layer.  

Super cute for the holidays with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants & great colored heels.  Equally as cute with jeans for a night out on the town.

Sad from the back.  At least there is a little bow to add a slight amount of interest.

I really liked this dress in the French Connection catalog I got in the mail the other day.  Interesting with the wrap-front, nice sparkle.  Super cute.  $248.

I couldn't wait to go on-line to take a closer look and see it without the fur shrug.

So disappointed.  Not one embellishment on the back.  And this LBD costs $248.

One of my go-to stores - J. Crew.  Super cute sparkly tank - originally $118, on sale now for $79.50.

Sadly, the sparkle covers only the front.  
Another unremarkable, boring back.

Why oh why?

Case in point for continuing sparkles (or other embellishments) all the way around a garment that doesn't have to break the bank.

I found 2 super cute dresses from LuLu's that do just that - sequin & pattern is continued all the way around.

This silver number costs only $77.

And the sequins continue onto the back, along with a nice plunge.  So adorable.

This LSD (little silver dress), also from LuLu's continues the sparkles all the way around.  This will set you back $91.

$91 well spent on a dress with sequin on the back too!

All of the retailers that I frequent, and have mentioned here with misses on their backsides sell items that continue the sequin all the way around.  Why oh why can't all of their items?

Black tank.  Cute exposed zipper on the back.

Finished all the way around.

Banana Republic.  

On sale for $79.99.

J. Crew

Tank - $78.  
Finished all the way around & available in 4 colors.

T-shirt - $79.99 (regularly $118).  
Sequins all around.

Want some sequin leggings that don't look like chaps because the sequins are lacking on the backside?  Found 'em at Express - $98.

Want some other options for finished dresses?  Found a bunch also at Express.  This Black / gold striped one is on sale now for $75.60.  They have others too.

How about a sequin cardi / jacket?  Urban Outfitters - $89

If you look, you can find finished garments that don't break the bank, and that are absolutely adorable.

You always hear people say that you want to make your exit as memorable as your entrance.  How can you do that when the back of your garment is only ho-hum...

Here's to finished garments that carry their embellishments all the way around your lovely frame.

Just say no to mullets.  Turn your back on socks with sandals.  Don't give visible panty-line the time of day.

Look fabulous from the front and back!

Until next time...  Love sparkles on your front and your back.