Friday, July 31, 2015

Be still my heart... More Dapper Animal Plates!!!

Hello sparkles!  It's been a while.  But I still love sparkles.

At work today, I was talking with a coworker about animals and other cute things - it was a slow Friday afternoon.  I remarked that I saw a little tan fox scurry across the road on my way home from work earlier in the week.  Then we talked about a chipmunk (or squirrel) I saw last week on the side of the road near the golf course either eating a rat (are chipmunks/squirrels carnivorous?) or holding a baby in its mouth.  Then she shared with me a link to a super cute fuzzy Shar Pei dog named Tonkey - so cute.  Then I shared with her Theo & Beau.  The somehow I mentioned my first round of dapper animal plates, and how the Husband chuckles each time I pull a plate for breakfast not knowing which I will pull.  I love them all, but definitely have my favorites.  Then a second round came out, and of course we got them.  Then a third round came out around the holidays, and sadly, we didn't get them.

So, the Husband and I spent the late afternoon together sipping some iced tea from Philz and walking around University Avenue in Palo Alto.  One of my favorite spots is our local West Elm store.  We sauntered in to take a little look.  As we were making our way through the store, the Husband points out a new dapper animal plate!  And, lo and behold, there are 6 new plates.  SIX!!!!!  And, of course we got them: Moose, Bear, Puffin, Wood Pecker, Lynx, and Llama.

Was my chat with my co-worker foreshadowing our dapper animal encounter later in the day?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I love our newest Dapper Animal additions!  YEAY!