Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nail fun

So, I've been having a ton of fun with my mani pedis lately - why pick one color when you can have multiple?

My favorite nail technician always gives me a little bit of a hard time when I hand her multiple colors, but so far she hasn't fired me!  I think she was tempted to when I gave her 10 different glitter colors for my Christmas pedi - a different glitter on each toe.

My most recent mani:  Manicurist of Seville (OPI) and a nice gray from Essie (I can't remember the name of the color though)

And, my most recent Pedi:  My Pal Joey (OPI Hello Kitty collection) and a multi-colored glitter from OPI (I can't remember the name of the color though)

Metallic gold - Essie

Turquoise and Gold Glitter - opposite order on each foot

Pink Ombre

Red/Burgundy ombre - opposite order on each foot

Gray and fuchsia

Hot-pink to blush ombre

Green Ombre

Have fun with color!  It's the best!

Ahhhh, more animal plates!

So, I think it is clear that I am gaga for adorable animal things.

West Elm is at it again with these cute little animal plates - not the Dapper Animal plates that I love - but something equally as adorable.

Meet the Painted Animal Plates - how cute are these?

Some other adorable animal stuff of late:

Sir/Madam Fauna Grand 2-sided mugs (West Elm) - they are on-sale right now and all are not currently available, much to my chagrin.

Wild Wanderer Planter (Anthropologie) - I got the Giraffe one - it is ADORABLE!

Narwhals (CB2) - I got the small and large - LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  And, can't beat the price.

Wheee! Animals!