Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday sparkle!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a sparkly night!

So, the holidays are upon us, we're wrapping, gifting, eating, drinking, merry-ing, food-coma-ing, visiting, relaxing (hopefully), resting, and overall festive-ing, and maybe catching the 24-hour "A Christmas Story" marathon on TBS.

What is a holiday without a little (or a lot) of sparkle?

I am staying with my sister & brother-in-law and we decorated their beautiful tree the other night.  Love the sparkly lights, the red ornaments, and the sparkly snowflakes.

I am always in awe of tree ornaments; how they sparkle and shine, and pick up reflections of light from each other, the lights on the tree and from each other.

I took the sparkle inspiration into my holiday nail polish...  A base coat of OPI Dulce De Leche, 4 nails with an overcoat of OPI Mad as a Hatter, and 1 nail on each hand with an overcoat of Fresh Frog of Bel Air.  Sparkly wonderfulness!

I did my niece's nails too - base coat of a light pink with overcoats of Mad as a Hatter, Teenage Dream, and Crown Me Already (all by OPI).  Love the little sparklers!

Picked up some sparkly loot too from Santa!  LOVE!!!

Love this coin purse - full of silvery sparkly goodness (thanks to my brother-in-law)!

Love this gold sparkly wallet / clutch from Deux Luxe (thanks to my sister)!

And, who can't use a glow in the dark pink LED little flashlight (thanks Dad)!

And, I love these little freshwater pearl & swarovski crystal earrings (thanks to my boyfriend)!

I hope Santa stopped at your homes to deliver packages filled with joy and that you and your families had a very merry and joy-filled holiday full of plenty of sparkle and shine!

Until next time... whichever holiday you celebrate, I hope you shine and twinkle and sparkle, have visions of sugar-plums dancing in your heads!

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