Saturday, January 7, 2017

Day 7 - a week of Animal Outfits

Week 1 comes to a close - 7 days of animal outfits down, 24 more days to go (and maybe more!)

For our Saturday excursion, I picked an oldie but a goodie for my animal outfit of the day - my beloved hedgehog tee from Anthropologie.  I bought this top in 2013 right before my wedding.  I wore it 2 days before the wedding to get my mani/pedi.  I love this top!  While The Husband and I were eating lunch at Tender Greens, a girl stopped by out table on her way out and asked where I got my top - I pointed to the gigantic Anthropologie store diagonal from us and said there - but a few years back.  She smiled and said she loved the hedgehogs!

I especially love the scoop-back with buttons - an unexpected detail for this cute little tee.

The pictures from this post were taken in front of the new (and gigantic) Anthropologie & Co store at the Stanford Shopping Center - it is 2 stories and 20,000 square feet of glorious Anthropologie, Terrain, and BHLDN products - it's my happy place!  It will be yours too once you go there.

  • Hedgehog tee - Anthropologie
  • Green cardigan - Anthropologie
  • Jeans - Gap
  • Tennies - Brooks
On to week 2!

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