Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pretty Pretty Polish

So, I've been experimenting with some new pedicure options lately, and am LOVING it!

It started right before Christmas.  I was thinking about that I wanted to get.  I generally bring one or two of my own polishes with me when I get pedicures in case I am not inspired by any of the options at the salon.  I thought it would be interesting to have my toes look like sparkly Christmas tree ornaments.  So, I gathered a bunch of different glitter polishes I have.  I thought about doing a selection of different glitters on my toes, and somehow that evolved into painting each toe with a different glitter.

I used my polishes, coupled with several that the salon had, to find 10 different glitter colors/variations that somehow "go" together.  One glitter for each toe.  It was surprisingly difficult to come up with the "right" order to use them in.  The base coat of all toes was OPI Glitter Land.  Then each toe got its own glitter top-coat.

The nail technician was quite confused when she asked what color I wanted and I handed her 11 bottles.  She laughed, but then ended up loving the result, as did I.

Right foot starting with big toe:  OPI - My Favorite Ornament, OPI Nicole - Wear Something Spar-Kyle, Deborah Lippmann - Fake it Til You Make it, Essie - Beyond Cozy, OPI - Mad as a Hatter.  Left foot starting with big toe:  Essie - Hors d'Oeurves, OPI - Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Essie - On a Silver Platter, OPI - Save Me, Essie - Ignite the Night.

My next three pedicures were variations on this theme.  I thought - why pick just one color when there are so many pretty colors out there to pick from!  Voilá - the Ombre Pedicure!

This was my first one - an experiment with pink.

My next one was an experiment with green.

And, my most recent version is back to pink.  I think the color on my big toe in this version is the same as the first pink version (OPI - Miami Beet).

Not sure what color combination I will pick for my next one - maybe blue, or teal, or purple, dark reds, metallics...  the possibilities are endless!

Until next time!

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