Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walking on Sparkles!

So, a friend Trisha, sent me a link to this ultra-super-fabulous floor she thought I would like.  I mean, who wouldn't want to walk on glitter?  I know I would.

How glam is that?  I totally want it.  Unfortunately, I live in a carpeted apartment that I don't own, so I won't be pulling up carpet and making a sparkly floor any time soon.

Reading about how this floor was made on the blog (check it out here), I sent an email to my parents asking them if I could make their garage floor sparkly.  The jury is still out.  I'm crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.  But think about it, wouldn't it be great and uber-awesome to pull your car into a garage with a glittery floor?  I think it would be pretty great.  I'm still trying to convince my parents of it's greatness...

I tried googling sparkly floors and it didn't really come back with much good stuff.  Some not-great looking tile.

A quick google of sparkly carpet revealed there is such a thing...  Not sure how good this stuff looks or feels in person though.  Click here and here.

Until next time, I'm still imagining a super-sparkly floor in my future...

What kind of sparkles do you imagine for your future?

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