Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Raining Glitter

So, yes, I love sparkles, and glitter, and pretty much anything shiny.  So, it goes to say that I absolutely love fireworks.  I mean, is there anything better?  It is like it is raining glitter!!!  LOVE.

Living in San Francisco, one doesn't usually get to actually see any fireworks on the 4th of July because San Francisco is usually extremely foggy during the summer.  Insert annoying Mark Twain quote here - the coldest winter was the summer I spent in San Francisco - or so he supposedly said.  But it is quite true.  Summer in San Francisco isn't exactly warm.  I have been known to wear a scarf and gloves during the summer.  Yes.  It is true.

The first 4th of July that I lived in San Francisco, the weather was actually nice, and a group of friends and I managed to get down to Fisherman's Wharf and fight the crowds and see some pretty fireworks.  The next few years were "normal" in terms of summer weather - cold, blustery, windy, and foggy.  Colored fog just doesn't cut it.  On another 4th of July, my parents and sister came up to San Francisco for a visit, and my sister-in-law also came into town.  We bundled up, literally, in coats and spent the day back down at Fisherman's Wharf with gobs of other freezing people and saw a lot of pretty fog.

This year, the weather cooperated, but I found myself down at my boyfriend's house in Palo Alto where it is actually summer.  We wore shorts and flip flops, and weren't cold.  I actually went swimming!  He loves fireworks just about as much as I do, and we got to see fireworks two nights in a row!  It was so great!

Sunday night we drove close to the Great America amusement park, parked, and walked a few blocks closer to the park.  We caught a great show of glitter falling from the sky.  We didn't have to fight throngs of people or cars, and we were able to enjoy the pretty fireworks!

Monday we drove close to Shoreline Amphitheatre and joined a bunch of other people in the Costo parking lot and watched another gliter-tastic show.  It was actually kind of cute...  Rather than get out of the car and stand around in the parking lot, I suggested we pop up through the sun/moon roof and watch from there.  We had the best "seats" in the house!

This little clip is from the KFOG Kaboom in San Francisco in May 2006.  KFOG is a radio-station that puts on a concert & fireworks show in San Francisco usually in May.  Generally in May it isn't foggy, so it is a good time to get your fireworks fix...  Seriously - raining glitter!  Love.

I hope you all had a little glitter in your 4th of July, or if you didn't, that you find a way to add a little sparkle and shine in your life each day!

Sparkles make everything better!

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