Friday, March 23, 2012

Mad for Flats (shoes, not hair)

Mad for Flats (shoes, not hair) by sparklelovesf

So, I'm a sucker for a pretty shoe.  I've been suckered by shoes into buying them and have too many shoes for my small apartment to contain.  But for some reason, I love bringing home new shoes.  I keep promising myself that if I bring home a new pair, I will get rid of an old pair.  But how can you get rid of a pretty pair of shoes?  Even if they are the most uncomfortable, blister-inducing, pain-producing, blood-sucking things.  Maybe the next time they won't feel so horrible.  Or the next time.  Or the next.  But they are.  And I still have a hard time getting rid of old shoes.

Case in point.  I got this perfect pair of metallic (not quite gold, not entirely silver, but sort of pewter-ish) flats many years ago.  I've worn them a lot. They really should go.  I found a replacement pair that I wear quite often.  Yet, the old pair still are occupying space in my "flats bin."

I have another pair of trusty-rusty flats that are getting to be on their last-leg (literally and figuratively).  I love my black flats (from Ecco many years ago). It took some time for us to become friends.  A few blisters, and a several uncomfortable foot chafing occurrences seem to have ceased thanks to wearing the flats a few times with a thin pair of trouser socks.  I think the socks stretched out the flats just enough to stop the blisters and rubbing.  We're simpatico.  We're friends.  But, the flats are getting slightly tired.  They have many more miles in them, but because of the sensitive nature of my feet (literally EVERYTHING gives me blisters, or induces blood or pain), when I need new shoes, I start looking early.

So, in my perusals for flats, I found several pairs that I'm loving right now. They can't all possibly come home with me.  Space and funding prohibit that.  

But, I can share some of the pretty little flats here.

Clockwise from left:

Until next time, look cute and make your feet shiny happy people and wear flats!

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