Friday, September 16, 2011

Recent Sparklicious Obsessions

Hello sparkle lovers!  So, my parents were recently visiting me in San Francisco and we got to talking about sparkles.  Apparently, I've been in love with glitter and sparkles all of my life.  So it doesn't really come as a shock that I still love glitter and sparkles.

A few weeks ago, I went to get pedicure and fell in love with a new OPI nail polish from the Miss Universe collection - Crown me Already.  A super sparkly (shocker) silver glitter nail polish. 

I got a hot pink base coat and put the silver sparkles on top.  LOVE.  I also used just the silver sparkly polish on my fingers and absolutely loved it too!

The polish totally reminds me of another of my newer sparkly obsessions...  Stuart Weitzman silver sparkly flats.  Like little disco balls for my feet.  VERY comfortable, glittery deliciousness!

A final new item is a glass tray a friend gave me.  I saw one on her kitchen table and fell in love.  Turns out she bought a bunch of them at an antiques store in Oregon and had several more just sitting in a closet.  She was nice enough to give me one - LOVE.  I have it on a table with 3 glass tea-light holders on it.  So pretty with the candles lit!  I love the little bubbles and rings - kind of reminds me of bubble bath!

I absolutely love this dress from Anthropologie:

I'm loving some of the sparkly stuff at LuLu's - a good variety of items (shoes, clothes, jewelry, etc.) in all price ranges.  I love LuLu's for cute, inexpensive jewelry, and other accessories.

One other thing I've started to get into (thanks to my friend Rachel, and my sis) is a web-site / service called Pinterest.  This site allows you to create virtual bulletin boards of things that inspire you, things that you love, things that you crave, things that you whatever - just things!  You install the little plug-in and you can "pin" anything you see on-line to any of your boards.  And, you can search boards other people have created, and "follow" them.  I've started slowly creating some boards - my style, accessories I love, and decorating deliciousness.  Check it out!

What would you pin?

Until next time - bring a little shine into your life!

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