Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sparkles that I own and love!

So, yes, I love sparkles.  I own lots of sparkly stuff - clothes, shoes, jewelry, and even some things in my apartment sparkle!  I'll save decorating with sparkle for another time, and focus this time on sparkles that are near and dear to my heart and take up some valuable real estate in my closet and drawers.

Bling doesn't need to cost a lot.  Yes, diamonds sparkle, and are a girl's best friend, but there are other items equally as sparkly that won't cost a fortune.

I picked up this little sparkler at Nordstrom a few years back.  Uber sparkly, and didn't break the bank.

I think it kind of looks like a firework & who doesn't love fireworks?  Sparkles in the sky!  Love it!

I also picked up this little gem of a ring at Nordstrom.  It was made by Juicy Couture.  Also didn't break the bank.  

It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but there are several little sparkles in the enamel and the ring itself.  It has lots of different flowers, butterflies, and that cute little lady bug.

This little ring is made out of plastic and glitter.  I think it cost somewhere around $5.  Super inexpensive.  Super fun to wear.

I picked up this necklace last year to wear with my Halloween Costume.  I've always wanted to have a costume with wings, and last year I made that wish come true.  Got some cute pink / yellow / purple fairy wings, paired them with a sparkly tank top, scalloped skirt, gold flats, sparkly make-up, and a bunch of layered sparkly necklaces.  Got this at Forever 21 for around $9.

Honestly didn't think I'd wear it after Halloween, but I wear it all the time.  One of the best $9 purchases ever.

I saw this little cross-body bag back at Christmastime in the Gap's holiday collection.  It was in all of their advertising and I was really coveting it.  But for some reason I kept talking myself out of buying it.  What am I going to do with a tiny little sparkly bag?  Well, my desire got the best of me and I decided I needed to have the bag.  But by then, they weren't on-line or in stores any more - gone gone gone.  My friend Sparkles, who happens to work for the Gap, found it for me at a store in Chicago.  Presto!  I am the proud owner of this little sparkler.  What is so cool about it is you can flip the sequins and it can go from gold to silver, or a mixture of the two - as seen in this picture.

This little clutch is vintage and used to belong to my mom.  It is embroidered with pearls and gun-metal colored bugle beads.  It's quite small, and I often forget I have it.  But I love it.  Very precious and pretty!

Judith Leiber makes some really pretty sparkly purses.  The one Big gave to Carrie in Sex in the City (a swan, I think) wasn't the best of Judith's designs, but I fell in love with this little blue star pill case on my 30th birthday in Vegas.  I was perusing the gift shop at the Bellagio as we were checking out to go home, and I couldn't put this little thing down.  This did break my bank back then - I was broke, and in college, not the time to be throwing down for a sparkly blue star pill case.  Does any body even carry pill cases any more?  I didn't care - had to have it.  A little token of remembrance of my 30th birthday!

A friend subscribed me to Guilt Groupe and I get these nifty little emails every day telling me about all of these beautiful things that are on super sale below retail prices.  I usually still can't afford a lot of the things I like, and I haven't broken down and ordered anything from the site yet, but I like looking at all of the pretty things they have.  This week they had a special sale on Judith Leiber goods.  Some cute, some I wouldn't carry unless you paid me a lot a lot a lot of money.  But, I did really like this little bag.  A dark red sparkly heart.  Was on sale for $729 (usually retails for $1460).  A steal if you have that kind of dough laying around.  I don't.

Sparkly clothing?  Yes, please.  Sign me up.

I picked this up from J. Crew before Christmas.  A tank top in December - sure, why not.  Love the rose-gold color, and the sparkles.

I also picked up this sparkly T-shirt from J. Crew - this one recently.  

I can envision this dressed up with a black pencil skirt, or dressed down with a pair of jeans and flip-flops.  I love clothes that multi-task!

Yet another J. Crew purchase.  Super on sale.

Saw it initially in the catalog and really liked it.  When I was at the store a little while later, they were out of them because they were on sale.  I scrounged through the sale rack and managed to find 1 left.

This top is coined the "Birthday Top."  A friend, Project Manager (obviously not her real name), purchased this top at Anthropologie last year to wear for her birthday.  She paired it with some fabulous skinny jeans and a pair of metallic wedges.  I absolutely fell in love with it.  I went to Anthropologie to try it on, but for some reason, wasn't in love with it on me.

Several weeks later, was at Anthropologie again, saw it on the sale rack, decided to give it another go.  Tried it on, and actually liked it on me.  Can't say what changed, but I really liked it, so the the Birthday Top earned a place in my closet.

My friends are definitely aware of my sparkle obsession - it's kind of comical.  Project Manager (PM) was over at my place recently and I was showing her a this dress I wore for my sister's wedding shower.  That prompted a little perusal of my closet and she gave me crap for all of the sparkly clothes I own...  It was funny.  It is true though, I have a lot of sparkly clothes.  Maybe I need to go on a sparkly-clothes-buying hiatus?  We'll see how long that lasts...  Until our next sparkly encounter!  Keep on glimmering, and show your sparkly things some love!

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